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A refined technician of your unfriendly gadgets

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Our Services

Danat Fix specialize in laptop service, desktop servicing, display service, printer service and all services for cell phones and iPads. CCTV service, networking, data Recovery.


Laptop Servicing

We are your ultimate laptop doctor.

Experience the best service provided by our expertise. We have all type of spares separately so that the system can be made working without replacing the entire motherboard.

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Desktop Servicing

We repair all resovable PC problems.

Danat Fix provides you the most efficient solution for all your hardware and software problems.

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Display servicing

We have a wide range of lcd panels of all models.

The white display or dim light on lcd panels may be because of bad inverter card and video cables. In most of cases vertical lines on lcd panels will be because of damaged lcd. In that cases we should replace the lcd itself. We will repair all the associated parts like inverter card and video cable and components in a short time and at low cost. In case of panel replacement, we have a wide range of lcd panels of all models.

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Printer Servicing

We are here to give your money’s worth.

Have a problem with your printer? We have solutions to keep your printer running smoothly.

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LED and LCD Televisions

We provide service for LED and LCD

We fix Televisions and Monitors that are completely dead, that flicker, that turn off unexpectedly, or otherwise misbehave. Our professional technicians and our fully equipped workshop can take on any LCD TV repair, regardless of the make or model. Our team has years of experience in repairing LCD and LED TV’s, so we will locate the source of the problem and repair it quickly and efficiently.

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CCTV Servicing

We provide sales and service of CCTVs

Security being a key in development of all organizations, Danat Fix makes it a prime concern to provide security solution. We provide all brands of CCTV camera and services.

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We provide network which can be characterized by the type of data transmission.

In Information technology, a network is a service of points or nodes interconnected by communication paths. Networks can interconnect with other networks and contain subnet works.

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Danat Fix recovery plans are designed to counter threats while focusing on restoring the system and minimizing downtime.

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Cell phones and iPads

We provide service for cell phones and iPads

It’s being able to complete most repairs in less than 2 Hrs. We also guarantee the quality of our workmanship and quality of our parts for both your cell phones and ipads.

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Our Brands

Danat Fix 100% Satisfied Clients Stories.