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iPhone Repairs

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iPhone Repairs


iPhones, a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple, has become the most wanted product all across the world. The extensive features are so immersive that the device presents a fascinating smartphone experience!! The service and repair of your favorite device need extra experience and expertise. We, Danat Fix are ready to help you with all your iPhone related problems and make sure you get your shiny iPhone as it is original. Being the best iPhone repair center in Dubai, UAE; most modern facilities of repairs in a short span of time with a high quality can be availed from us.  All models of Apple iPhones are repaired at our iPhone service center. Genuine Apple spare parts are crucial to a quality repair. We have them in store for you to get your apple products repair and get back to working the way expected. Protection of your data is guaranteed to us. Our professionals deal with all iPhone related issues with extra care. Our span of repair and services include:

Battery or power issues

We can replace your inefficient batteries with the best available ones to resolve the battery or power issues with your gadget.

Screen damage

Followed by a detailed examination whether the glass alone or the LCD is also damaged, a suitable repair is performed to bring back your phone’s performance in no time!!

Screen glass replacement

We are specialized in screen glass replacement which takes less than an hour. Only a glass replacement is needed if the LCD is not damaged.

LCD replacement

For an unresponsive screen, a complete glass and LED repair become necessary. We do the best as an Apple product repair service firm.

We are also experts in handling

  • Charge port repair
  • Power button repair
  • Speaker repair
  • Water damage of iPhones.
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